Rahowa Anvil of Crom Lyrics

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Born in an age when blood and steel ruled the earth,
The riders of doom were barbarian warriors
With ruthless hearts as cold as the ice
that cracked beneath the hoofs of the beasts they rode.
They unleashed a veritable hell on earth,
Lashing out with bottomless contempt
For the over-civilized peoples
Who feared the wild world beyond the walls of their cities.
Power ruled their domain, and power lived,
And took form in the steel that they wielded;
Steel that hacked to death weaklings and cowards,
Steel that earned them the spoils of war,
Steel that proclaimed the highest law of nature:
Might is right and woe to the vanquished!
In life, the conqueror takes all!
Cult of the Holy War Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Preludium in G
  • 2 Man Against Time
  • 3 When America Goes Down
  • 4 March of the Dead
  • 5 Hall of the Heroes
  • 6 In the Fires of 1945
  • 7 The Last Battalion
  • 8 Anvil of Crom
  • 9 Might Is Right
  • 10 RAHOWA
  • 11 God Is Dead
  • 12 The Snow Fell
  • 13 Ode to Dying People
  • 14 [silence]
  • 88 Outro
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