Non Serviam Arch Angel Lyrics

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Can't you see the tears in my eyes?
The morning star brings me light
And I kneel in reverence and I cry for you

My blood it issues the skin that I carve
Inscribel in circle, a five-pointed star
A soul to heal a need to feel
And to unseal thy powers I cry for you

Liar, tempter, thief, come and take me in your hands
Liar, tempter, thief, I lay my soul into your hands

I cry...
I cry for you

Necrotical Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro-The Heretic
  • 2 Possessed
  • 3 Hatred Unleashed
  • 4 Arch Angel
  • 5 Which Eternal Lie
  • 6 From Chaos & Pain
  • 7 Haunted Domains
  • 8 Incarnation (Of Evil)
  • 9 Inherited Blood
  • 10 Bringers of Total Death
  • 11 Sex - Religion - Suicide
  • Artists A to Z: