Kambrium Arming For Retribution Lyrics

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Suffering and murder,

pain and cries and despair
you have brought to your kind.

Now yourself are condemned, sentenced to death!

Have no hope for heaven, cause your place

is among us: The legions of guiltiers!

Now you become a part of the lost!

Reach for the light,
find your place!

If you want to save your soul,

this is the last chance!

One last chance
will be given to you.

Don't ever deny your guilt.

Remember what you have to do

or choose the way through suffering,

through punishment, through oblivion, through despair.

Now flee and take your chance, cause this is your very last!
Shadowpath Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Shadowpath (Intro)
  • 2 Among The Lost
  • 3 Arming For Retribution
  • 4 Thanatos
  • 5 Feuer gegen Feuer
  • 6 Hollow Heart
  • 7 Hiding In Sorrow
  • 8 The Eye Of Horus
  • 9 Dewfall
  • 10 A Sinner's Remorse
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