Pagan Fears Arrival to the Pandemonium Lyrics

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The night falls and my thinking condemn me
The hour when the spirits appear
I hear phantom like howls driving me mad
Possesing my body and sealing my soul
I can't resist the power of the strange being
I feel forced and doomed to obey
Frightening dreams:
I'm doomed and eternally tortured
My soul is forsaken my body is possesed
Inspired in the most malignant
Maybe is this my hell?

I feel I'm slowly changing
My brain trapped in the trouble makes me tremble
Nobody can hear my agony in the dark
The hours of the night become eternal
I begin to wallow
And the desire of killing without mercy
Is growing in me
Burning in sorrow I hear thousand bells toll
My name echoes in voices like hell
Strange beings dance around me making me
I pray for my soul trying to escape
From their animal passions
But they laugh and calm for their victory
I repent of my unholy sins
I want to wake of this nightmare
But my body is tortured and my heart turns
Trapped without escape I am in this annoyance
I feel I'm dying slowly
But maybe this is just the begining
Of my arrival to the pandemonium

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