Sacrificium As Silence Dies Lyrics

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Silence from the first sparkle of the sun
Until the rising of the sun's own shadow
All painfull noise just disappeared, faded to nothing
Swallowed by the silence that hides within me
Silence took over the control, for a last try
To search for an escape of the rising abyss.
I fall into something that kills me again
And I silence hide
My hideout, the sacred place of my soul
Now to be gone, now to be killed
Once again my silence rise, then fades and dies
Chained to the killing abyss with no option left
My silence screams, (as) it has been bound
To all the sweet human abyss
that leads into this blackened dream
The blackened dream of pride, hatred and pain
And all what bounds to the abyss you can't escape
as my silence sees the truth, I ignore with human pride

My silence knows that I forgot, (to) return to the place
Where I've been called (by my name)
A call (that) unchains my silence, makes me strong
Where I`m weak,
The antidote to the venom of the night, it eats it all
And even now it would be too late, I let the silence be.

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