Undertow At Both Ends Lyrics

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Falling fall into the same trap so brittle and broken one twist and I snap now I've burned the wick at both ends I've done it to myself all over again love has brought me here but hate makes me turn away I gave it all I possibly could with every action with all that I say as my anger builds inside I explode out in a rage I never thought things would ever change and I snap now I want back what I couldn't figure out before putting my expectations higher but just hurting myslef more and more I can't believe I let it get inside and get the best of me turning me inside out killing me down deep.
At Both Ends Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 At Both Ends
  • 2 Taken
  • 3 Escape
  • 4 Instinct
  • 5 Apology
  • 6 Buried
  • 7 Cedar
  • 8 Thrown Back
  • 9 Where Do We Go
  • 10 Pin
  • 11 Sink
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