Aarktica Aura Lee Lyrics

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Aura Lee, help me please
Pour out of the palace, on your windowsill
Take with you your precious things
Cling to me, I'll teach you all the songs to sing
In wintertime, to keep us warm
I'll show you how the snow can harbor us from harm
Trust will grow in blinding cold
Double footsteps line the path to growing old
And in the air, your breath I see
Of all the angels you keep looking out on me
And every ghost they've come to know
Will dissipate beneath the dome of falling snow

Sing with me, Aura Lee
Sing with me, Aura Lee
Sing with me, Aura Lee
Sing to me, Aura Lee
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  • 3 Happy Anyway
  • 4 A Correspondence in Film
  • 5 Nostalgia = Distortion
  • 6 The Hook, the Reel, and the Pull
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