Lil Boosie & Webbie Bad Bitch Lyrics

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Come On I need a Bad b____, Come on if you a Bad b____, s___ I want a Bad b____

[Verse 1:]
The girls be cookin and cleanin and cleanin and cookin, She Be constantly gushing and cleaning her p____ and when step on tha scene everybody be lookin and to get in them jeans everybody be wushin. But she only want players who far from rookie and if u a
int got the cake cant play with the nookie her t__ties sittin pretty and she soft as a cushion and if u try to holla she might holla she tooken

And she walk like a bad b____ talk like a bad b____ and go and get he her fix as a habit and a bad b____ go and buy fitch more than average and bad b____es get to take trips with the savage cant never tell a bad b____ a freak she too classy but s___ i can tell by her lips that she nasty expensive a__ pantsies grip to the ashies she mean like a pitbull sweet like candy.

Now That's a bad b____ Bad b____ [x4]
Gurl U a bad b____ bad b____ [x4]

[Verse 2:]
Now see I can impress the Bad b____ the girl gon smile caress the bad b____ now the girl gon wild i feed and treat it like dats my child then freak it up and beat it up like dats my style u get a lot of heads when yo breads in pile come on right now and
im saying dat loud a trifiline a__ b____ make da big growl a bad a__ b____ made the big dog proud

Which one is the baddest that's the one im having the one wit no kids and just one baby daddy and she aint hardheaded can least it and respect it and u aint a bad b____ if u got bad credit, a thong with prance on no how to cook neckbones on want that MVP
wit that throw back dress on and dont like to get durty and dont mind working and she don't liek giving me no often lip service


Now Make yourself say cuz u a bad b____ bad b____
Now show yo self of cuz u a bad b____ a bad b____

Man I love them bad b____es wit them s__y a__ tatoos them bad b____es wit them bad b____es attitude she a d___ fool got a crib she let me camp make sure her n____s stay fill on them food stamps I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T do u know what dat mean man on d___ house
floss out big sceen man i keep da game runnin man what chu gon do for me man look at her on it come see a beast manbad b____es holla on dem strrets man she aint cryin over nan n____ she aint weak man the type of little women that would get you off y
a feet man

Come here
Fa sho
Trill Entertainment n____
I'm Webbie n____
Mouse on tha track 2004
This my year right cha

Im out this b____, that's a bad b____
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