Nakatomi Plaza Bang Bang Sing Sing Lyrics

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they'll drown in this river, a hell of broken promise
"you'll be better" or deader
with no good intentions, just an intent to invent labor
so if you're not quite worth the effort, the tide will sweep you into Never

bang bang sing sing

rehab or lab rat?
a wasted life
blindfolds and bondage
the tools that keep you down and out
(the world is railing against you)
lost not found
(i'll take the wheel this last time)

we're caught in the system, a grid that we can't solve?
just grab the moment and walk with confidence and close your eyes
'cause tonight we're all riding the same thin subway line

so does this speak, your lies of love, 'cause i can't tell
if you break this chains, that bind you here, you are set free
but they don't agree, let us brace for their fall
(my dying wish) and i am not fine in here

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