Hamartia Banshee Lyrics

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Wounds aren't meant for me. I wish there could be something more than just a cut. Scars wide open, perfectly written across the heart, and it fell like I was dying again & again. This is where everything ends, the burden is engraved upon my hands. Sing a song to me and I swear I'll perish in an instant. I have been wishing for something that I couldn't even repay with my own life. Burning bridges and now I can't go back to the start. Is this the destiny fate has written for me at birth? I have seen it all along in me. My heart is no longer perfect. While the incense burns its last draw, here I am destroyed by outrage. Purposes and promises. Devoid of such devotion. I gain nothing by believing these words. Heart carressed in stone. My feelings as hard as concrete. Leave me to my own decay, for I can no longer feel a beat

To play the part Track Listing
  • 1 Marrow
  • 2 Reversal
  • 3 So hard to find
  • 4 Fading aura
  • 5 Banshee
  • 6 Morning glory
  • 7 Sonata of sirens
  • 8 Neveah
  • 9 In the arms of
  • 10 Seconds
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