Idle Cure Barter Mercy Lyrics

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In a little room - just outside
Politics of justice - something to hide
Barter mercy - eat your pride
Gotta keep on hiding - the fear inside
Too many secrets - cover tracks
Sticky situation - you better hide the facts
Fool the public - don't think twice
Your sin will seek you - gonna pay the price

Cover it up, cover it up - it's so easy
Cover it up, cover it up

Oh, oh need the money
Oh, oh
Everybody wants one, two, or three
Tell me where's the future
(Oh) Is it in our need
Come tomorrow - who gets by?
Gonna take a long hard tumble
When you're on the fire line

Cover it up, cover it up - you've got to
Cover it up, cover it up
It's a little bit risky
Is forever worth the price?

One day the Lord will come to take us home
And in the end the hearts of men are known

There comes a time we all will stand alone
And in that hour the hearts of men are known

By Pete Lomakin and Steve Shannon
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CD 1
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  • 2 Barter Mercy
  • 3 Frontline
  • 4 So Many Faces
  • 5 Hungry Hearts
  • 6 One For The Money
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  • 8 Runnin'
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