Four Year Strong Baseball Bats and Boogeymen Lyrics

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Is this the end of it?
Where smiles and tortured faces collide
With the smell of your hair
In the air subsides into fragrances of
Occupied spaces
And passion took our insides

On highland, I hear the steps of underdogs
So let me ask are you tired of hearing me
Rant and rave of another day
Where I could have been the hero
But instead I ran away
Well don't forget what you are running from

Take to the streets and ride
Around our city that never sleeps unless we do
To be in this big town
With these small ideas
Wanna go wreck someones day?
We'll keep calling
Cuz they're lying
And won't stop until we figure out
Where our meeting must take place

Did that I was right?
(cuz) it happens every time
Don't forget what you are running from

Enough's enough of the he said she said
I'm growing tired of you
And I know you feel it too
I'm sick and tired of the do do do it now
I just hope that you that you
Knew through and through it how
You pushed me away
And I knew someday you'd pay
And you will

Does it hurt you to bare
That everything means everything to her

Give it a go, give it a go and let go
Don't let your positives show

Give it a go, give it a go and let go
Don't let your insides show

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