El Gant feat. Infinity Gauntlet Bases Loaded Lyrics

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Any beats slickin'
Cause I don't like beefin'
But don't make me spend out all that I can
Police keep flippin' and the brats keep tellin'
The shit keeps tellin'
They'll never be what I am
But they keep on trying
Let them boy alone
I don't wanna be no more
Until I'll fully hear what you're tryin' to say
And your school moreover
You skip it to smoke '.
She never got a call back
She had her plans but she said she heard El Gant rap
Hold up! Those niggaz wanna race ,just hold up
Seems that I'm getting more hate and less love
Brand new shit, this ain't the best of
Go on with that shit
I can't respect blood
Told that bitch, don't trip, it's just us
Rollin' the best weed
Sniffin' the cool white
Don't come out of the pocket
I'm having a good night
Flow is catastrophic
All of you haters, ain't got no life
Ain't got no stripes
I fucked your wife

Take the blame for the murer and it's my fault
I said death looking him in the eye
This is my call
I survived, whore
And took the whole pot
Put my dick in the freezer, give you a cold cock
I pull pot so hard, I rock with the other men
I told them to get that shit and blame it to the government
It's a team sport

I can't leave with all this gift
Red eye leaf , I will fly
He told us that the minute you arrive, you were born in July
I'm meant to be high
Earning wages essential to fly
Fuck potential, fuck without it you will potentially die
That's why I force my hand to get my doubt
Blowin' kisses to bitches at the block who know me
And my baby is teaching
They will be buying my balls
It's shit to me
These bitches come back with these brown motherfuckers
They don't sell our community service
You're staying underground like I've been waiting for
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