Modest Mouse Beach Side Property Lyrics

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Town hasn't moved but it's getting closer, losing ground
Making better views and close relaxing sounds
Ground sure don't like the way it's treated so now
It's moving back to the sea
Had to hitch a ride with the river
Cuz deep down plumbing life is too cramped for me
I got wood legs and bow legs and no legs at all
Yeah! Would you take a collect call?
Oh no, I don't understand
I got poor eyes and sore eyes and no eyes at all
Yeah! Would you take a fall?
Oh no I don't like this plan
It was a staple of brass tacks and waxed backs
Oh yeah, A message left on the forehead of God
Sent sealed and signed by the saints who sang this song,this song
This song
"We're going union like they say
We'll buy the congregation
Then one day, you'll find us sitting
in your chairs with big ideas of stocks and shares."


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