Radiator Hospital Bedtime Story Lyrics

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Take me out. Outside the house with you. Make me feel whole, or warm, or mildly amused. I can’t recall ever feeling love so true. Hold onto my hand, hold me close, I’ve got nothing to lose. The sad songs make me sadder as they’re floating through the air. I just want to feel your love but I know it’s not fair. Would you bring me flowers and run your fingers through my hair? Yeah, let’s turn the lights out, darling. I just couldn’t bear to sleep alone. Your eyes exploding into me with every little line. You think that you could be the one; you think that you could be mine. I can’t recall ever feeling love so fine. I feel it in the way you yearn, the way you long, the way you pine. Struggling to get out all the thoughts inside my head, but your puppy dog glances make me want to cry instead. I could keep you company in your town, in your bed. Yeah let’s turn the lights out darling. I just wasn’t bred to sleep alone

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