Abhorrent Beg for Mercy Lyrics

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I'll hunt you down through the country
This bloody feeling costing many lives
Can't you see you broke all society rules
Leaving (your) evil mark where you passed by

You raped my daughter then killed my mother
Show me no shit for this blind fury
Why (you're) always harping on the same string?
There's no more time to bring you mercy. No!

So let me tell you something
You gonna pay for all your sins
You can't escape from the destiny you trance
When your time has come you gonna beg for mercy!

You gonna wish you were never born
(You're) bastard son of a whore
I'll finish what you started
Cutting you off, cutting you down

Is time to start breaking bones
Can't wonder why death on my mind
Making justice by my hands
As my force begins to rise at midnight

I'm gonna crush your stupid face
I'll he the digger of your grave
You're an enemy and I'm the cure
With your back against the wall
I'll get you right by the balls
Cos only the strong will survive

You gonna pray for a quick death
I'll make you take your final breath
My tortures will will drive you insane
There no rules in my mind and
I'll Kill you without any remorse
Ripping you with my dirty rusty knife
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