UnderThreat Behind Mankind's Disguise Lyrics

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Living everyday in the imperceptible
uncounscioussness of our condition
The anaestetic innertia of existance
drags us smothly
helping us to forget
the true essence of our nature
Emotional creatures
made of pride and desire
clumsily hidden beneath
the deceptive mask of duty
and rationality
Forgetting the basic rule of the relationships
"What I mean to you is just what your need from me"
Love, hate or importance
is everything the same

Running everyday to satisfy
the meaning of the odd ilussion
A suffocating truth that only
death will take away
Because life goes on for everybody else.
Behind Mankinds Disguise Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Blame Game Traps
  • 2 Face of Emptiness
  • 3 Under Threat
  • 4 Serpent's Lick
  • 5 Ghost and the Machine
  • 6 Desperate Human's Path
  • 7 Behind Mankind's Disguise
  • 8 End of Grace
  • 9 Infestation
  • 10 Gates of Deception
  • 11 Warning
  • 12 Mirrors of Dejection
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