Saccharine Trust Belonging to October Lyrics

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In the sunlight belonging to October
in bed, I awaken to that sweet scent
of last night's pleasure, belonging to us
-and the phone rings
I hear the voices of two times ten

-and while gently staring at congenial stains
the machine runs off numbers and names-

the over-worked boss reminding me to be on time
the friendly social worker with the family on line
the run away brother with no home to go to
and the rent bill, the dentist bill, and the everybody-
for, too-
it's in this sunlight, belonging to October
where I click the machine off and make this day off
where I rest in morning memory, under the sheets
we slept upon, during last night's play
-and tho they're taking me to the cleaners
ev'ry thing is o.k.

for I've got you who loves me.
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