Face of Evil Bestial Destruction Lyrics

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Necrococks in upright position
Thriving and poking in the virgin v*****
Life giving pulsating deathhood
Unleashed in the dead of the night
a** born saviour in the throes of a deathfuck
Smearing her face with satanic seed
Foul smelling, life ravaging, venomous s****
Unleashed in the dead of the night

Erected warhead - Oozing with sweat
Primordial priest of perversion
Fiendish violator - Satan soldier
Sinister manifestation - DESTROY
Behold a radiant manhood
Plunged in the s****eater's mouth
The rampancy of vice, a vicious rape attack
Unleashed in the dead of the night

(Oh Lord) Invoke the power of light
Unrape the poor child
Undo her suffering, unkill her sweet life
Another forced entry in the dead of the night
Hellish a**ault - Stiletto heels
Plate iron tights - Black metal gloves
Gunmetal c*** - Shaved and depraved
Scalped and re-raped
A blow to the head - Shot through the chest
Spray her with bullets - Fill her with lead
Re-enter the a*** - re-enter the v*****l crypt
Stab her and stab her and stab her to death

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