Dale Miller Birth of the Blues Lyrics

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Oh! they say some people long ago
Were searching for a diff'rent tune,
One that they could croon
As only they can.

They only had the rhythm so
They started swaying to and fro.
They didn't know just what they had
And that is how the blues really began:

They heard the breeze in the trees
Singing weird melodies
And they made that
The start of the blues.

And from a jail came the wail
Of a down hearted frail,
And they played that
As part of the blues.

From a whippoorwill out on a hill,
They took a new note,
Pushed it through a horn
'til it was born into a blue note.

And then they nursed it, rehearsed it,
And gave out the news
That the southland
Gave birth to the blues!
Finger Picking Rags & Other Delights Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sweet Georgia Brown
  • 2 Stagger Lee
  • 3 God Bless the Child
  • 4 Cheap Wine
  • 5 Chattanooga Choo Choo
  • 6 Boys From Blue Hill
  • 7 Inflation Blues
  • 8 Bicycle Built for Two / Sidewalks of New York
  • 9 Air on a G String
  • 10 Too Tite Rag
  • 11 The Pitschel Players Theme
  • 12 Amtrak Shuffle
  • 13 Blue Prelude
  • 14 Take It on the Run
  • 15 Nice Work If You Can Get It
  • 16 Son of Diddie
  • 17 Birth of the Blues
  • 18 Shelley's Swing
  • 19 Fleabites
  • 20 Little Fugue
  • 21 Hey Jude

  • Written by: B.g. Desylva, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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