Sacred Steel Black Church Lyrics

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Each sinner a nail in the myth of the grail
I can not forget not forgive - don't forgive
I spit on the lie - I spit on your christ
If now I must burn - so be it

Black is the well - the black soul of hell
I hear them calling my name - come join us here
Enter the lair - they're waiting there
In this nocturnal domain

The black church - welcome neophyte
Become one with the night - in the black church

Hell is my home - hell is my throne
I am a soul in the pit - don't forgive
Detached from god - I fell unto satan
My pyre of d___ation was lit

No need to bow - no need to repent
I roam in here with my friends
The fools of the grail - yes - they have failed
Their lord of hosts - nailed again

"Aeterne rerum conditor, noctem diemque qui regis
Et temporum das tempora, ut alleves fastidium..."

"Hox excitatus Lucifer, solvit polum"

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