Tom Russell Black Pearl Lyrics

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Have you seen Miranda?
She's walking through the town
She has got one green eye, the other eye is brown
And as she walks the air grows warm, men stare down from rooms
She destroys the hidden line between the wise man and the fool

She's a black pearl, she's a black pearl,
She's a black pearl, she's not my girl

They say down in Tango town, the accordion is king
Where Astor Piazzola plays on the Bandoneon
And outside 'neath an olive tree the dust and sand it whirls
She tangos with the moonlight, that dangerous Black Pearl

She's a black pearl, she's a black pearl,
She's a black pearl
She's not my girl

Don't talk to me of politics, don't talk to me of war
For I have seen her secret things
Upon the shower door I've seen presidents corrupted,
I've seen kings down on their knees Hehe,
It wasn't revolution, lust was the disease

For some Black Pearl
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  • Written by: Thomas George Russell

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