Madchild Blitzkrieg Lyrics

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Blitzkrieg was a tactical system devised to pierce the enemy's front, and then to encircle then destroy all of his forces within the circle...

[Verse 1: MadChild]
Still truth, inner sin
While I push psycho, droop in hallucinogens
Venom in my verse, poison concoction
Mad spray obnoxious panic induced toxins
Usual delusional wordplay of the sick freak
And I ain't had sex with a porn star in six weeks
Been trying to hear your new song, your shit's weak
I'm short, fast, powerful attack - I'm a blitzkrieg
Three headed dragon with wings, I breathe fireballs
Black scales, platinum tongue, and gold eyeballs
I'm the next executioner like Lex Luthor
Dedicated my heart to the groupies, cause sex super
Still full of piss and vinegar
City full of 99 balloons, I'm the Hindenburg
You don't want to see me spazz out fool
I distort and control like I'm Ra's al Ghul
Adopted the darkness, chop with the sharpness
Keep your complaints, that is not my department

[Verse 2: MadChild]
No such thing as a nice vulture
Lyrically a blowtorch to your ice sculpture
I'm more morbid than a mortician
Plus more efficient
Catching rappers like I'm sport fishing
Lord bishop, abort mission
Record foreign vicious
Horde visions like a worn prison
Record mode - do it with a wonderful wardrobe
Old warlord spitting swords for poor folks
Watch the shit hit the fan when I shitcan these lame fucks
Battle meter's getting off dope, dog the pain sucks
Feel very sorry for 'em
Spit hallucinogenics weaponized in aerosol form
An electrifying bunch
Rectifying while I'm doing death defying stunts
I don't care what you say, you can go to hell
Bored as hell, back's so tight it's like a tortoise shell

BAX WAR bitch

Rob the Viking

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