Vacabou Blue Glass Highway Lyrics

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I dreamt (that) I was driving away on a blue glass highway
I knew that this day was the day
And that's why I feel the way I feel
I'm still running, blue glass all over the place
My life seems nothing
You've got to push me today, push me baby
The brake's squeaks resound for a while increasing the violence
Of knowing it all comes to an end
And that's why I scream the way I scream
I feel like laughing, blue glass all over my face
My life was nothing
You've got to join me today, join me baby
Vacabou Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Meditation Park
  • 2 To Russia in White
  • 3 Life as Interfence
  • 4 Plain
  • 5 Rannveig
  • 6 Blue Glass Highway
  • 7 Barunka Left
  • 8 Iceland
  • 9 Angel of Night
  • 10 Dream #9 This Week: Pdlv Piano

  • Written by: Juan Feliu Sastre
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