Offer Nissim Boxing Ring Lyrics

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Do you know how hard
It was to give you up?
Tossin' and turnin' on ma' bed
Late at night
Maybe I should say to you
It won't be you - babe
Why must all the bad things
always feel so good?
I would get rid of you
Only if I clould
But I cant give up on you
Its always you- always you
But I cant give up, I just cant give up, cant give up

Ah-ah ah ah ah
No one does it for me
Ah-ah ah ah ah
The way you do baby
Nobody be pleasin' me
like you
Ah-ah ah ah ah
Nobody does that thing
Ah-ah ah ah ah
Feels like a boxing ring

ooooh and when I think about it
oooh I just cant live without
Pride All Over 2010 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Mr. Charming
  • 2 Boxing Ring
  • 3 Why Tell Me Why
  • 4 The One & Only
  • 5 You Stepped Into My Life
  • 6 Essi
  • 7 Yeni Ben (Out of My Skin)
  • 8 Fuck Off Berlin
  • 9 Sound of Bamboo
  • 10 Nuit Magique
  • 11 Adaa'in Kan (Still Here!)
  • 12 Freedom to Ya' All
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