The Acacia Strain Brain Death Lyrics

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I need her heart and I need it beating.
I need her head and I need it bleeding.
Don't let me get in your head,
I'll make you wish you were dead.

If I repeat myself I apologize.
It's hard to see with clouded eyes.
You owe a debt, I want what's mine.
pay with your life.

Grit my teeth more than I should.
When I swallow I taste only blood.
I hate myself more that you ever could.
When I swallow I can taste your blood.

I still see her when I close my eyes.
If your life depended on me I don't know if I would save you.
I would rather see the sadness in your eyes as I let you die.
Save your apologies unless you're on your knees.
No need to beg and plead.
Grit your teeth, you aim to please. Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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