Salamandra Brave Men's Chant Lyrics

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Can you see the people
Growing angry
As they feel their freedom's getting lost
There's no one
To protect them
From the danger
That's awaiting in the west

When our settlements are helpless
When the neighbours backed away
Then we have to stick together
Clench the knife and battle axe
I can't see our brothers
In the east who
Have been occupied by Hungarians
Watch out for new kingdom
In the west who's
Trying to seize all our land

We are the warriors
Let's wage this war
We are the guardians
Of the land that's been our realm
Brave men's realm
Brave men's realm
Brave men's realm
Vido, jak jsou lido
Stole voce rozhnovano?
Coto, jak ztrocejo svou svobodu
Neno nikoho
Kdo by je ochronil
Od nebezpeoo
Ktero ooho na zopado

Kdyo jsou naoe osady bezmocno
A kdyo se k nom sousedo obrotili zody
Tehdy musome droet pospolu
Pevno sevoot no a sekeromlat
Nevidom naoe bratry
Na vochodo kteoo
Byli obsazeni Maoary
Dovejte pozor na to novo krolovstvo
Na zopado, ktero
Se snaoo uchvotit celou naoi zem

My jsme ti bojovnoci
Veome tuto volku
My jsme ti stroci
Zemo, jeo vody byla naoo ooo
Ooo stateonoch muoo
Ooo stateonoch muoo
Ooo stateonoch muoo

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