Halos Breaking Windows Lyrics

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Again, I'm on a stoop with vices in hand
And that sweet therapy in my ears
It got me through the years
Of bike rides in the rain
And driving through states I hated...
I hated you
Jah, give me new feet
They're raw and I'm hurting
This is where I go to clear my head
You could deign to refrain
I kick my heels and I will the windshield to break
And let those crystals mar your face
Then I watch that blood as it traces lines above
A hardened heart that strains to show a father's love
These wrongs can't be righted, yet
But I'll try to do my best to forget
I miss that house, I miss the feeling
It was the goodbye, it was the greeting:
"Welcome to the place where we'll dress you down
With brass tacks, new legs, and a sturdy crown
You are the prince of your new kingdom"
Thy will be done
Or I will be done
This is where I go when I can't see the veil and lace
This is where I go when I can't bear to see your face

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  • 7 Breaking Windows
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