Rigby Breathe Lyrics

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Today the sun came through
I saw the clearest day
It all looked so real
The colors blinding rays

And the light
Carry me along for a ride
The need to find your wings
Space so I can

Keep me going strong
Let me breathe slowly
Breathe air is all I need
And your tender touch
Keeping me from falling

I see Blue and White
A lost cloud makes it's way
I feel the blood run through
My veins so I can


Air is all I need,now
Air is all I need,now

Solid Ground Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Solid Ground
  • 2 Fire
  • 3 Tell Me
  • 4 Together
  • 5 Four Pairs of Eyes
  • 6 Time
  • 7 Always You
  • 8 Morning Rain
  • 9 Wonderful Life
  • 10 Breathe
  • 11 This Is Your Life
  • 12 Let Go
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