Tammy Wynette Brown Paper Bag Lyrics

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Brown Paper Bag 3:01
(L. Gaitlan)
Tammy Wynette
Produced: Billy Sherrill, Engineer: Lou Bradley
Album: I Still Believe In Fairy Tales
1975 release LP Epic 33582
Transcriber: Awcantor@aol.com

She cleans off the table
Throws the dishes in the sink
And gently hangs her apron on the floor

In minutes she's back
Down at the magazine rack
In the back corner, of the corner grocery store

She reads of movie queens
In those photo magazines
Then fondles four or five, she's gonna buy

Now, she's takin her life home
In a brown paper bag
To read about who's livin her life

He fires up his pick-up
He just got off the graveyard
And he trudges down the road, home to the night

Cause life's so dang dead
In the house where he's been dyin
He wonders why the heck he even bothers

So he stops off at a water hole
And picks up a pint
The most perfect peace of mind, two bucks can buy

Now, he's takin his life home
In a brown paper bag
Instead of just takin his lie

He's sittin' there in his undershirt
Just guzzlin down his gin
An she'd lied on her satin sheets, lovin her leading men
Cause he's the one night stand kind of love
Be over and beyond our eyes

And now the two brown paper bags
Are just two garbage cans
That used to hold their lies

And now all the riches that they shared
Have turned to rags
But now everyday they take their lives home
In two brown paper bags.


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