Lil Boosie Bucked Up Lyrics

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Bucked Up N' f___ed Up,
Bucked N' f___ed Up Can't You See I'm Bucked Up N' f___ed,
Bucked N' f___ed[x3]

[Verse 1:]
Now When I Entered This b____ I Was Ready To Get Off In Me Sum s___,
Cause I Luv My Hood N' I'm a Represent In this b____,
Now In The Parkin' Lot Mane I Had Me A Pint Of That Yaht Cause My Potckets Sittin' Swoll So I Can't Be Stopped,
How I Was Me N' My n____z Came Thru With Dem T's Starched Down Soulja Rees Blowin' Doja Leaves,
Came Boucin' Thru Dat b____ N' Ran Into Me A Red Bone,
She Say I Like Yo Car You Need To Take Lil Azz Home,
I Told Her Slow Up Girl Let Me See What'z Jigga Lattin',
Got Buku n____z Pointin' So I Know Dem b____es Hatin',
Uh Ohh They Played My Song,
Thatz When The Club Got Buck,
n____z Hollin' Out They Hoodz,
That's When n____z Got Slugged,
We Waz Jumpin' On Each Otha With Our 4z In Tha Sky,
Mad Az A m____Fucka Cause Big Ro Juzt Died,
I Waz Drunk Since 9 O'Clock So Don't Be f___in' With,
N' If U Buckin' Like A b____,
U Can't Be Buckin' With Me n____.


[Verse 2:]
Man I Wish A n____ Would Play Me Tonite Dawg,
I'm a Hit Dey f___in' Hood Mane N' Knock Dey Lights Off,
Made My To Tha Bar With My n____ Lil K,
Got A Shot Of Alize Set A n____ So Straight,
From Outta Nowhere Mane I Heard m____fuck Tha South So U Know A n____ Bust His Mouth N' A Guard Drug Him Out,
That's When Played Set It Off I Drewed It That's When A Million m____fuckaz Crowded Round By Boosie,
Told Em b____ U Put Ya Hands On Me N' Dats Ya Issue Got Sumom Outside Dat Ain't gone Miss U Ya b____,
My Clique Few But Dem Few n____z Ready To Steal Blood,
I Give My n____ 5 gs N' U Won't Leave tha Club,
Dealt A Bad Hand When My Daddy Left Home So That Thug LifeLivin' Kelp On,
Look Now Put Tha Hood Up n____ Or Tha Sign U Claim I Respect It To Tha Fullest But It's A Bottom Thang.


[Verse 3:]
U Ain't Heard What I Rep s___t(m____fucka)S.O.U.T.H.S.I.D.E Thug To My Death,
Look I Waz Raised Cross Tha Track Where n____z Known To Do Killin',
If U Really Know Me n____ Dem U Now What I'm Dealin'
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