Ha Ha Tonka Bully in the Pulpit Lyrics

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Dogs on the heel and we are all thrilled to death
Yes, we are all coming forward tonight
Mortgage off our souls and take a loan out on the lord
Yes, we are all coming forward tonight
Bully in the pulpit he gonna spit fire
Gonna give you guilt, go on Sir, with your bad self
You can turn around and get right back to where you come from
Dolls in the pew and there’s a Fox loose in the aisle
Babies silenced by the backroom of the church
If ever you held your tongue, these times are troublesome
You ain’t a sinner at birth
Troublesome times are here, filling our hearts with fear
Freedom we all hold dear now is at stake
But our troubles will soon be o’er, happy for ever more
When we meet on that shore and we’re all safe
All of the dead shall rise
A righteous meeting up in the sky
Going to where nobody dies
Heavenward bound

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