Face of Evil Burn the Cross Lyrics

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Spread the pure d***ation, start the rolling Holocaust
Spread the word of Satan's resurrection
Raging warfare - terminal Apocalypse
Mayhem, massacre, massgenocide
Triumphal processions in pools of blood
The fallen angel takes revenge

Slaughter of an abominable race
A nefarious dominion is on it's knees
Like vengeful daggerblows into their very hearts
The insurrection of an Antichristcommand
Burn the cross - torch God's children, blow up the churches
Bloodbath - clouds of destruction over their world
None will survive

The storm is upon them, the wind blows from hell
Death's fire is roaring, flesh burns, humans burn
Deforming the earthcrust into an open, eternal grave
Cities leveled with the ground, ruins of a cursed atrocity
Look deep into the eyes of the dying Rabbi
Watch the scum suffer agony
A barbwire crown adorns the leaking head
Thorns of metal to pain the Semite

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