Fake Burning You Lyrics

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I can see no end to this
the chances that I'll miss
even now I'll never know how
I can see an end to this
I can burn a hole through you
if that's what you want me to
I've lit fires before for less and for
and I can burn a hole through you
I want to blind your eyes
I want to live your life
I want to tear your skin
I want to crawl right in
Los Angeles Synthetic Track Listing
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  • 2 To This Land
  • 3 UnEvolved
  • 4 Burning You
  • 5 Blood and Skin
  • 6 The Massacre
  • 7 Money to Kill For
  • 8 On the Edge
  • 9 Los Angeles Synthetic
  • 10 We've Come to Take Your Life
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