Ofermod Calling of Setnacht: Twofold Triunity Lyrics

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I call thee O lord of duality
Three times three and two faces of Daäth
I call thee O murderous unity
Enter me... Khu Ib Shugal!
Terrible are you O lord when descending upon me to feast
Ininitiator and trial alike, inverted perverted diseased
Terrible are you my lord when raging inside of me
Yet remoulding the threatening shadow as though you I am reborn to see
And I proudly declare my lord that no creator shall ever be my superior
Proves worthy of thy nightside trial persist I shall
From here on as my own creator and judge alike...
I call thee, god of the dead
Come and reap the rebukers of dying
I call thee... Pert Em Kerh!
Nuk Set, Ur! Setnacht!
Eleven exhausting phases
The full saturnian circle in its woeful becoming...
Remember thy deprivation
And fill thy prophecy with joy
As perverted and strong as the fire burning
In your city of jewels when set aflame... Set aflame"
They say that my eyes have grown tired
Of witnessing watery blood by which I keep cleansing my hands free from sin
Oh joyous lie!
Set... Setnacht! Set... Setnacht!
Come burn this sickness away
Earie flutes and pounding of drums, untuned and disordered, the wellspring of Din
Come typhonic tide!
I am the serpent, uncolled and vital
"Feared for your flesh - HAIL! - whoreman?
These words are more wise to fear than any fleshly deed!"
Lead astray once to sink alone in the desert sand
Aeons of wandering towards a promised land
From his chosen Royal fall to exile
Given a purpose, untangle the web of denial
I call thee, god of the crimson desert
Twofold beast - Phallic womb
Keper-a Keper Keperu - Self begotten again...
Leo-Serpens... Setnacht!!!

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