13 Candles Carmille (Addiction) Lyrics

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I See Scars On My Body
I See Scars In My Heart
I Should Never Have Trusted
You Survive On Blood
I Thought You Were A Friend
I Thought You Were A Lover
I Was Soon To Discover
Carmille, You're A Killer

But My Need For You Grows Stronger
Like A Man Possessed I Need Her
I Am Under Your Spell
I Await The Night
A Change In Me I Cannot Understand
I Despise Sunlight
I Sleep All Day And Live For The Night
I Love The Sight Of Blood

Carmille What Have You Done To Me?
What Have I Become?
What Are You To Not Like The Sun?
You Cower From The Cross
My Pupils Turn Red
My Nails Grow Longer
My Teeth Longer And Stronger
Am I Now One Of The Living Dead?

Carmille What Have You Done To Me?
Through My Own Eyes I Cannot See
Please Help Me Carmille
I Need You
Angels of Mourning Silence Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Prayer of Eternal Damnation
  • 2 Join Me in Death
  • 3 The Hunger Within
  • 4 Woman of Dark Desires
  • 5 Siren (Nightingale mix)
  • 6 Death Awaits You (Dracula the Undead)
  • 7 Carmille (Addiction)
  • 8 Bleed My Emotion
  • 9 Ghosts
  • 10 In the Name of Darkness
  • 11 Ultimatum
  • 12 Carpathian Moonrise
  • 13 Between the Dark and the Light
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