Gappy Ranks Carpenter Lyrics

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You ready fi fight?
Well alright

A worries, ahh
Babylon, you catch up inna worries, ahh

Babylon deep inna worries, ahh
How mi sound?
The whole a team them ago drown (anyway)

Carpenter, carpenter, beg you build a box
Cah the fool them violate
But now mi catch them inna the traps
So from the last down to the boss
Haffi to lie down inna that
Them have the people inna bondage
Now the system haffi stop

I say, carpenter build mr. babylon a box
I can’t take it no more, mi nah go cool and relax
Pon poor people, them rising up tax
So I ah fire burn everything to the max

Hey yow

Youth them can’t go school because them haffi pay the school fees
And fadda can’t get no work cah they retire him from the factories
Now the youth them end up on the road with the gun them load inna robberies
And you know say one a dem could a school and become a athlete

But babylon don’t want the ghetto youth them rise up and make it
That’s why they give them drugs and guns and tell them fi blaze it
And then them divide the people, weh black and the white, cah them racist
You no see how them lock up the innocent man and free up the rapist (mi no like this)

[pon poor people, them rising up tax
So right now babylon yuh system collapse]

So I and I ah boom up yuh computers them weh you use inna wall street
Cah you never help the poor people them weh haffi sleep on the concrete
You never hear Marcus, Malcom, Mandela, Martin, tell you stop dweet
Poor people ah suffer all around the world, no tell mi bout life sweet (you mad?)

Things change fi the better, nuttin huh go so
Babylon don’t want the ghetto youths grow
Officer, why you stop me? (I don’t know)
Why you put the gun inna mi hand and say go?

Them thing deh ah gwan inna life, don’t feel say a movie
So the youth them strap inna war with machine and ah move unruly
Ak-47, mac-10, 9x, 19, and uzi
And if you step pon the youth, them boot them nuh ‘fraud fi usey, I tell you

Babylon ah you and you friend cause the problem
Make people dead fi the headline news, you nuh see a false flag them
When election time them them a rise up crime make people vote them

Now the rebel them ready and willing for the killing, them prepare fi out them (I should them)


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