Oddisee Catching Vibes Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
So I'm here now so I count my blessings
More in store, more corridors that I'll explore
And all in time, I'll cross their thresh and
Be better than ever before, to think
I was stressing over things that by tomorrow I forget in
Blink, in a second, switching directions
I'm on a new wave, try to focus only on progressions
All in a day's working, working, working on the lessons
Started feeling better about the answers I was getting in the mirror asking questions
I am all that I invest in- who else then?
Put me first, put me latter
I'mma find a way regardless, it's whatever
I've come so far I think I blossom when I'm battered
Say what you got to say, it don't matter
I keep climbing, I keep flying
Lauryn Hill must be somewhere, man, I see Zion
I see so much that could change on the horizon
Let's get vibrant one more time then

[Hook x2]
I know the world is going crazy, go and take it all in stride
But today I think I leave it all behind
I'm trying to catch a vibe, vibe, vibe, vibe, vibe, vibe, vibe

[Verse 2]
I got far less control over things than I think I do
On the other hand, there's a lot of things I could alter and I'm ignoring them
Situate with moves, procrastinating cause it's hard to face the problem waiting
For you to finish up having a good time
In lieu in knowing what I got to do, I got an attitude of molasses crew- slow paced
And I know what it takes, not sure how much I can give
You care enough, it'll weigh you down - that's just the way it is
You try to stay in love but it is hard as bricks
Please send me a sign, I hope that you notice
I think we spoke once before when I was at my lowest
The world is going mad but that ain't for you know it
But will it last just long enough for me to have my moment?
I just need some time for me to reach my full potential
To justify this horrid life and all that I have been through
I know I'm not the only one, the rest of y'all could vent too
But right now, just reply to what I sent you

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I think I caught my vibe, I think I found my wave
You know that I boogie on boards
You know that I'm putting my foot in the tour every time I step foot on the stage
I belong in a category that only I have made, people easily impressed
Lower standards got the bottom picking while the cream of crop ain't getting harvest listen
Better for you always more expensive
Afford the privilege to the few will get it
Welcome, welcome to the party mission
Now that I got your attention, a few things I'd like to mention
Some y'all won't like all my views and that won't make no difference
I must be going crazy, my own thing is my favorite
I see who gets the praise and all but I just think they basic
Complex on occasion, few and far between
Might lose me in the middle but the start of it was mean
Tired of all this process, your packaging so clean
Ingredients so full of names that I can't even read
Addictions on the rise, it's my system, I can't lie
But now I'm on a diet- 100% vibes

[Hook x3]

Written by: Amir Mohamed
Lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing, ROLF BUDDE MUSIKVERLAG GMBH

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