UB40 'Cause It Isn't True Lyrics

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If I spoke in words you didn't understand
Wouldn't that make me a better man
Elocution class to lend a hand
Get me a self-improvement plan

I don't know, it seems to me
Things I do best come easily
I don't feel the need to say to you
I'm better cause it isn't true

Exquisite verse to higher the tone
Performed in phrases not my own
To hide the truth to I'll tell a lie
With pictures from another`s eye


If I sport the latest cut of cloth
Would you all a__ume I'd got some style
And wear my hair just long enough
To turn the heads of fashion for a while

A sports car s__y, slimline, fast
Quick enough to hide my past
Rich enough to open doors
I never could unlock before


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