Galactic Century City Lyrics

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Girl ya got original paintings
Lined up wall to wall
Girl you think you've got everything
Well now listen to me
But ya really got nothing at all
I came to your house that day
Cause you said you were cookin' the spread
Well I walked in and sat down over in the corner
I decided to get into your head

And all I kept on thinking was I'm stuck down in Century City
No ride and ain't it a pity
Stuck dead in Century City
No love and ain't it a pity

I came to L.A.,
Just tryin' to show my artistic side
I wandered around all day
Your actin' funny, your tryin' to hide
I looked all over town for ya girl
Well, I thought you were all alone
When I saw your face ____ when you walked into the place
You said "house man, you should've called me on my cell phone"


I've been up all night girl
Listening listening at ya going on and on and on and on and on and on
Ya keep talking about what ya got and what ya friends got
I don't care about that
Its what's inside that counts


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