Ofermod Chained to Redemption Lyrics

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[Part I; Mysterium Iniquitatis]

Glory... endless is my holy pride,
Yet trapped in madness and misery divine...
So strongly chained to evil!
I am blessed with the curse of sight...
And my eyes bleed!
For they are indeed impaled by a strong light
...of sinful joy!

This revelation, this curse...
It has killed me... a thousand times!
A divine circle of death and rebirth...
To malform the son of a w****!
I feel the torch and its mystery
Behold, it has made me holy in my quest
...and I am evil, thus wounded...
and driven to spit at your sins!

Memories, reminders... Mystérion!!!
Total submission of my divinity...
Denial of flesh, denial of the c***...
I am the cold seed of satanas!
...and with overwhelming pride
I fall unto my knees
To banish all that I have gained from life...
For I am but a slave!

I have the age and pride of a god
Nevertheless, I am but a slave!
Endlessly tortured with salvation...
Forever chained!!!

[Music and lyrics by Michayah, April 1997.]

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