Madchild feat. Slaine Chainsaw Lyrics

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Yeah, y’all know my voice is like a chainsaw. Yeah

[Verse 1: Slaine]
I grew up inside a sick world, so I’m a sick fuck
Got a mulatto model bitch. This chick is mixed up
Met her in Colorado. She knew how to swallow
My dick was hard as a brick. Balls like an avocado
And I ain't mean that its green bitches
I slip the clip inside a gun. Yeah, I mean business
I say what I mean. Lean with obscene rhythms
Swore the plaintiff spittin' semen at these teen bitches
As the rhyme scheme switches
At the crime scene. Shitfaced, I'm 19, vicious
My aunty used to remind me
How I was just a lost soul. No-one could find me
Smokin' angel dust till I look like a zombie
I'm back spittin' lyrics. I'm a crook like you want me (listen up)
I've got a bad habit and a loaded gun
The night is young and there ain't nothing I can't overcome

[Verse 2: Madchild]
My voice is like a garborator
Fuck it. I'm a terminator, bubbling like we carbonated
Shining like a conflict. You don’t want a conflict
Listen close. Center of my mind, hear a bomb tick
Break into a fit. Little Incredible Hulk
My lyrics' bullets riddle you with metal assault, HA!
Listen up, bitch. I can spit a mouthful
Turn it up and hear my voices blurring through your household
Go to bed at 7 and I spit like a zombie
Happy days are here again and I’m fuckin' Fonzie
And me? I'm gonna quit rap when hell freeze over
Spit evil lyrics. I’m a hell bent cobra
Here to manhandle you and shatter you bastards
Mentally a gorilla spitting battery acid
Machine gun preacher. Cartoon features. PTTTTT!!
Spit hard tunes. A dark moon creature
These rappers are robots. R2 D2
Boba Fett mask shit is hard to breathe through
I'm firing on all cylinders
Got me to Beluga Bazooka the small Dillinger
Fucking with me? Stupid. Recruiting in all villages
Mentally recouping, regrouping to rock militants
Never go full retard
Leopard print leotard, peppermint sweetheart

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