Ed Cash Changing My Colors Lyrics

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My jacket has three pockets
One that's on the inside
It holds the keys to my life
The things I'm afraid no to hide
Look at me and I'll let you see
Whoever you think I should be
A left if you'll be high tonight
The other if you believe what is right
All I want is just to be your friend
But my hands are tied up now
I have not a hand to lend
Please don't try to ask me how
Why should I know? I'm running the show
Chameleon, I am, constantly changing my colors
When will you see the real me
As time goes on I'm losing you
But I'm finding myself again
Someone I'll have with me until the end
I have found my long lost friend
Because I knocked on the doors of the God that lives within me
Now I've outgrown my jacket
It could only go so far
We all have a great need
To open up and be loved for who we are
Getting real was not for me
But it's the only way I found to be free
There's no need to be heart shy
I'd rather breathe life than die
All I want is for my pain to end
So I'll let my hands loose now
So I can have a hand to lend
You can try to ask me how
I'm sure I know - God's running my show

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