Pain of Salvation Chapter II: Revival Lyrics

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An eye for an eye.
A tear for a tear.
A lie for a lie.
The weak dress in hatred to hide their fear.

We cling to symbols for our mind - hour by hour we're losing us. Defenceless for the weak to bind - second by second abusing us!
A wound for a wound.
By silence we breed.
Learn the hate that keeps us blind, from the hands that hit and feed! Children teach each other pain - hour by hour they're learning it.
Dreamers in the wheel of reign - second by second we're turning it around:

Closing the books of the prophets.
Closing our eyes for the visions that die
and then we weep...
"Why do I still need to cry, when I'm so happy now?"
Saviors come forth in times of need.
Prophets seek me - for you will bleed!

Cry little lonely world cry!
I won't close my eyes.
I'll be your tears when you're dry, pouring to the ground

(Solo: Daniel Gildenlöw)

Scar by scar
we're all becoming seeking prophets now.

I won't bear the cross one step further!
I won't bear your hate any longer!
Free I will rise!
(Come to me now - feel the revival. Follow me now - join the revival)

(Solo: Daniel Magdic)

See me
believe in me
hear me - I'll speak to you.
You are the prophets come forth and I'll bleed for you!

I´ll bleed for you...
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