Sage Francis Cheat Code Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
(I talk a lot of s___, but I can back it all, f___ off)
I don' talk about it really, but I"m still the illest
Still the baddest
Bless the apparatus I got silverback gorilla status
I pull the one red string that runs through your mattress
And make your b____ spring, sing a song of sadness
That sack of s___, pack your things and go
I"m hopping freight trains with nothing but a bindle (no hobo)
Little homie said "'YOLO"" - no props
I photobomb your photo ops busting out the robocops
Teach me how to dougie, kid, I"d rather do the knowledge
Now go home and get your shine box, you got a couple shoes to polish
Undergrad, this ain"t no humblebrag
I"ve sung one too many Johnny come lates, now baby come to dad
Cause he don"t need no cheat code to go beast mode
All he really needs is a M-I-C to freak flow
(I talk a lot of s___, but I can back it all, f___ off)
I"m a runner up, if I"m not top billing, I"m show stealing
Sistine chapel [?] tag the whole ceiling
Sick of hearing rap with no feeling
Sick of trauma p___ addicts thinking they"re poets, that"s not soul bearing
Break yourself, fix your face
My heartbeat breaks the 808"s, now update your database
So many rock random tapes, but not enough functional dual cassette decks
Who will you sweat next?
Stupid, I maneuver through school full of rednecks
Some people I was cool with despite a few death threats
Sacrifice your social life, food and some rent checks
So I can grab a mic where the hell ever I like, catch wreck
Yeah, I"ve got swung on from time to time
Been cornered in some clubs just for speaking my mind

Now I"m back popping more s___ than ever and I"m fine
Find me if you need me, son, I"m easy to locate
You finally gon' feed me then I"m eating that whole cake
Got license in movies and TV, that"s so great
Don"t break your coatnail trying to throw weight, okay
Curb stomp your enthusiasm
Don"t expect resolutions just cause every movie has "em
Don"t expect revolution from the music
That is solely created for the sake of booty clapping
Fool, keep rapping
Release the kraken, beat back the back beat
Planning instrumentals, running my mouth at the track meet
My victory lap shows no mercy in this dojo
Spinning back, kick the wheelie fobo
Sweep the head, breaking bread with the best of 'em
Crumbs are left under the table for the rest of 'em
I don"t speak in metaphysics cause I"m not a metaphysicist
I"ll diss the living s___ out of these so called lyricists
f___ y'all

(Y"ll don"t like it, kiss my a__ you don"t like it, this my house
"Cause we don't need no cheat codes to go beast mode
All he really needs is a M-I-C to freak flow)

[Verse 2]
Excuse me for having ethics, I don"t mess with little toys
I learn to scratch
A killjoy, crying over spilled soy milk
I destroy the s___ brick house that you droids built
You walk tall "til I kick out your stilts
Buff 'til I call your bluff and pull up your kilt
You"ve been padding your resume
Well, I"ve been rhyming about life like I"m rapping my death away
Stay well composed, figuratively, literally
They prefer a hashtag to metaphor, simile
Brag-rap to poetry, backtrack to symphony
Sweet talk the sour puss press and push bitterly
The kids are getting degraded, they ain"t diminish me
Oh uh, but they prefer the skinny me
I"m an emotional leader of the emcees who sit in salt
f___ being complicated, Uncle Sage is difficult
It"s a cult of personality stuck in a false reality
It"s all a bunch of mall punk and dance club rap to me
Swagger jacking, black cracker, battle rap is gone menstrual
Born on third base acting like they hit a triple
With a wiffleball bat walking pretty, talking pretty
With no act, in fact, it"s all theory
I promised you death threats, don"t actually kill me
But bite my dog, I'mma scratch your kitty

It"s like that, y'all, it"s like that, y'all
It"s like that-that-that, it"s like that, y'all
It"s like that, y'all, it"s like that, y'all
It"s like that-that-that, it"s like that, y'all
Talk s___

Written by: Ryan Bowersock
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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