Ofermod Chôshekh Ên Sôf Lyrics

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Reaching again the Chôshekh ên sôf
The primordial roots of pre-creation
Dark is my soul
Hidden my light
Boundless my might
Oceans of chaos flow from my eye
Frog-headed, serpent-headed are they
In the Nwn Before the shadows born were they
Beyond the gate of the twins
Kissed by the cold lonely star
Feeding on the blood the world-soul
The Uraeus of my third eye turns to Apep
The highest act of vampirism
My eye has turned into Apep
Negating the emanations of the "father of all"
Inverting the process that once gave me Life
Destroying the world of the speaker
Bathing in the well of life beyond life
Reaching the depths of Chôshekh ên sôf
My soul is branded by the powers of the eight
The Crown split in half
Two left hands grasping the scepter
Wielding the fail of kingship
I plant my seed in Tehôm
My fist is Apep
I plant my seed in Tehôm
My fist is Setesh
The Waters are rising
Like the serpent did Before
The Waters are sising
Like Tannin did Before
Ruach Moloch ve Ruach ha-Shatan
A twin fire within me, twisting in coils I drink Apepian wine
I drink of the deep
My seed in my hand
I drink of the void
And the void drinks me
And I plant my seed in Tehôm
The darkness in my soul
Will never be what you think it will be
The veils beyond this world
Your mind will never be able to see
From my right hand
The nightforest
From my left hand
The desert... the dunes...

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