Vanguart Christmas Crack Lyrics

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Composição: Helio Flanders

There are new things in my eyes
That they must be told
I met an ancient world
But it hit me
So rude end free

I gotta unfurl my tongue
Be with a face in the sea
Being small
And hopefully.. I must

New places I've been round, love
And it hurts me to tell you
Been blind a cigarrette-me-up
And it hit like old feeling

Down to the seaside we walked
One thousand smiles
Foreign whisper
Foreign whisper

Get on my boad, love
There are new seas to be found
Gorgeous, headache, you appear
As the craziest thought of man

Help me

I gotta shoot my aim
It must flow petry inside my veins
They must spit and turn my eyes to the underground
Where I find sweet taste
And you know what I mean

Get on my boat, love
Let's sleep till we find the land of our pa
Cause this lonesome road takes us somewhere
But surely not the way home

Your smile is such a chill
But it shows me here's our last randezvous

We're brown of sin
The sand is my best friend

There are new things in my eyes
That they must be told.

by Lyla

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