Ed Cash Cindy Lyrics

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She grew up in a mixed up world
Where performance determined her worth
It's hard to change her whole ways around
When they're all that she's known since birth
She's a small town girl with a big city mind
Who's never had hard times to find
What it is that she's looking for
Maybe an open door
Cindy, I hurt because she tries so hard to be good
A girl like this can't afford to miss
Or not live like she feels she should - oh Cindy
If her efforts went into surrender
I'm sure that her heart would turn tender
I knew all along, things seemed too wrong
She was just a master pretender
I don't mean to sound judgmental
Condescending or unconfidential
I'm just trying to learn, that when someone yearns
They can't earn God's love which is gentle
Cindy, I hurt because you try so hard to be good
A girl like you can't afford to lose
Or not live like you feel that you should - oh Cindy

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