The Waco Brothers Circle Tour Lyrics

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On the circle tour I know just what I'll find (x2)
The road you head out on is the road you left behind

I'm a traveling salesman but I'm not getting nowhere
I've got a plaid suit, a briefcase, galoshes and brand new hair
I drive an Opel Kadett but I've got my eyes on a red Corvair

The snow came from heaven, buried the midwest towns
From Kankakee to Grand Rapids it followed me around
Some times I get so deep I can't help but slow you down

On the circle tour…

Met a fella who's loaded, more than he could spend
He said he's socking it away, getting it where he can
And when the government steps in he's going to play the accordion again

I'm going to quit this life of cold calling trying to break down doors

I hope I never see another piece of the Michigan circle tour

It's like cheap animation, I've seen this scene before

On the circle tour…

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