Madchild Cold Crush Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Kids ain’t ready for the style I got
My life’s a fucking horror movie with the violent plot
And I can feel my thoughts cracking and bending
No turning back and there’s no happy ending
I’m climbing walls with anxiety
Walking zombie, I’m not going quietly
Ay, I’m the northwest best
In the grey and black North Face Gore-Tex vest
Who want slide down my vortex next?
Smoke tobacco. Shining with stars to a black hole
That’s what I get for being such an asshole
Want to put a rope around my neck like a lasso
Rain’s coming, clouds rolling over head
Words pouring from my head
Be a warrior ‘til I’m dead
But I don’t want to meet Joe Black, I’m not ready yet
Long black box with roses and poinsettias

[Verse 2]
Yo, yeah
Hit the stage with radicalised battle cries
Unintentional role model with bad advice
Between a rock and a hard place
My favourite movies were Goodfellas and Scarface
And God Father. Guess I took that shit too literal
Wasted twenty years of my life rolling with criminals
Snort coke, get a dirty and perverted mind
It’s not a good look doing coke at thirty-nine
Put that lame shit to bed, change the chapter
‘Cause when my head’s clear you’ll still feel my rapture
Plus there’s so much out still to capture
I’m recharged, ready to go
Be an adapter
Through the storm to the path of illumination
Even if you feel like you’re half of a wrong creation
My whole life been babbling gloomy statements
But now feel like my brain’s unravelling doom and hatred

[Verse 3]
Blow my brains out and drop to the pavement
What if there’s more then I’m locked up with Satan
Burning for eternity does not sound appealing
So now I’m kneeling looking up past the ceiling
Ask God’s forgiveness and please start me healing
‘Cause if you mean it, I swear you could feel it
Tears drop leaving stains on this paper, I’m writing on
You can’t give up, you just keep fighting on
Mad the destroyer or Madchild the healer?
Don’t be afraid, let your love out. Reveal it
Feeling chained to my list of regrets
So many barely move breaking into a sweat
And everything’s dark and grey. I see no colour
Break free from my past, need bolt cutters
Unless it’s family or blood, don’t trust others
I’m getting older but still cold crush brother

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